How to build a stronger boyfriend relationship

Having a strong boyfriend relationship is extremely important in keeping a relationship stable.  Countless studies have shown that when you share something in common with someone (and hopefully its a lot of things in common) that your relationship with them grows deeper.

Below is some of the things that you can do with your significant other to build that stronger relationship!

1. Sharing a Passion

When you are able to enjoy doing the same things together this builds a strong bond. The more things that you do with each other the more you will be able to connect to him!

2. Text more often!

By this, it is meant to text sporadic, sweet messages that shows that you are thinking of him.  Sending texts will also remind him about you and how sweet you are.  But just be sure not to do it to much, there is a fine line between sweet and annoying.

3. Smile when you see him

Smiling is a universal gesture that brings happiness.  When you first see your boyfriend shoot him a smile and hold it for a couple of seconds and hopefully he will give one right back!  How often you smile and what you smile at is important in determining what actually brings you happiness.

4. Kiss him when you leave him

How you leave off with him is important for the rest of the day.  It is your last moment that you share with him before you and him depart for the day (if thats that case, I don’t know your situation, maybe you live with him).  But before you depart from him, make it a thing to kiss him before you leave him (for however long)