Easy and sweet DIY ideas for your boyfriend!




Sometimes, the sweetest ideas do not even cost a thing! All you need is a pen, paper and some creativity! These are going to be some easy DIY ideas for your boyfriend.

  1. Create a book of memories– Creating a book of memories is a very sentimental project.  Just gather up some meaningful things and put them all in a book.  An example of this would be to include your first movie stub together or maybe place the business card of your most recent romantic dinner in the book!
  2. Count- Count up how many years, months, weeks, days, etc… of how long you have been together! Its amazing to see just how large the number of seconds you have spent together and it helps to place things in perspective.
  3. Create- Create a little flip book or comic strip of the two of you.  This is a nifty DIY gift for your boyfriend.
  4. Write- Write letters for the future.  The idea is to think about when your boyfriend is sad or mad, and what he would want to hear.  The point is to write letters for him for the future of when he is in these various emotions and to write a letter talking to him.  Give all the letters to him all at once and when he is in a mood, he will open one.  For example the title will be “Open when you are mad” and then he will be able to read what you have written for him!