Top 5 Skin care for your boyfriend


Skin care for your Boyfriend

Beauty products is not something a man typically thinks about, but like it or not, he is going to need skin care products. There are a couple of basic things that your boyfriend is going to need in order to maintain optimal skin care, and this gift guide will show you the best products of skin care for your boyfriend.

1. A Moisturizer- A moisturizer are made to give the skin softer and flexible. They are also able to increase the hydration level of the skin, thus leading to an increase in health for the skin.  The main thing to watch out for is to see what kind of skin he has, check to see if your boyfriends skin is oily or dry, and but the appropriate one.

       For Oily Skin       For Dry Skin

2. A skin cleanser- A cleanser is able to remove a lot of nasty things from the skin. This includes dirt, oil and anything in-between.  A cleanser will also work to help improve acne and overall health of the skin.

3. A good shaving cream- There are many unknown toxins in shaving cream today that can lead to damage on the skin. The three main toxins that you should watch out for in shaving cream Phthalates, any Parfums or Triethanolamine. You want to stick with an organic based shaving cream.  A good example is found below.

4. An exfoliator- A good exfoliator is used to remove dead skin cells on the skin.  It is meant to be done two to three times a week and the difference between a skin cleanser and an exfoliator is that an exfoliator has beads in it and like said before, is used a couple of time a week; while a skin cleanser can be used everyday.

Bonus! A facial sponge- A hard sponge is able to help improve your skin texture and helps to remove extra dead skin cells from the face. It can also prevent spots, breakouts, pimples, and better looking skin.


5. Pimple spot treatment– A spot treatment formula is a very nice addition to any arsenal of skin care products.  If he is prone to break outs here and there, he will truly find this useful for managing those annoying pimples that tend to pop up randomly. My favorite is the Mario Badescu drying lotion.  It works pretty well in drying up those annoying pimples!