Learn what your BoyFriends texts REALLY mean!


Ever wonder what your boyfriends texts really mean?

Texting guys can sometimes seem like trying to figure out which wire to cut so the bomb does not explode.  Here are some common texts that I can help you understand what they REALLY mean.


The “Hey, what’s up?” text

Guys usually text this to you when they are thinking about you and want to talk to you.  Its their way of saying, “Hey I was just thinking about you and everything I love about you, I want to know what you are up to and maybe we can do something soon”.  This is his introduction to possibly something he wants to tell you or he might want to do something with you, maybe even ask you to go somewhere with him.

The “Good Morning”/ “Good Night” text

When a guy texts you good morning or good night, he is essentially telling you that you are the first or last person on his mind.  This is a pretty good sign that he is more into you than just being a friend. You should either capitalize on this while you can (i.e if you are into him, start letting him know) or shut him down before he starts thinking about it to much, that is of course if you are NOT into him.

The No response

If your boyfriend does not respond to you right away. You should probably not think to much into it.  It can be situational of course, for example if he stops talking to you after a fight than it probably is because he is mad at you.  Let some time go by before you start to overthink his lack of response.  The no response usually means he just is not by his phone at the moment.

The “Sorry I can’t Right now, Maybe another time?”

When you text a guy about hanging out and he says an one worded text such as No, this is a good sign he’s weird enough for you to stay away from him.  But if is sincere in his answer and truly says that he can not hang out with you and offers up another time, then that means that he is truly sorry that he can not make it to hang out with you and that he would love to meet up another time.  On his end, he probably has a very strong commitment to something else that he can not change. Maybe he has a college exam or his mothers birthday?

The “Can I get a picture of you”

This is dangerous territory.  If this is your boyfriend texting this to you then you are probably in the clear in terms of if this guy is a pervert. But if it is some guy who have happened to just meet and he is asking for a picture of you, this means that he just wants you for your body and how you look.  Yes he thinks you are pretty, but other than that, there is nothing else to it. If you want to go down that road than that is up to you. But if you are looking for a good friend or a meaningful relationship from someone and they send this to you early on meeting with you, than this is a reflag in terms of knowing that this guy is not going to work out.




There will be more of “What your boyfriends texts really mean” in the upcoming weeks!