Top Things Boyfriends Get defensive about!

Things boyfriends get defensive about

Have you ever gotten into a fight with your boyfriend for what seems like no reason and only come to find out it is because he is defensive or insecure about something? Check this list out to see what some of the top things boyfriends get defensive about.

Keeping that “old” T-shirt

Sometimes guys keep around an old t shirt that they have had forever. It fits well enough that they keep around. They know its not the newest shirt but they have had so many memories.  Maybe its the first shirt they split beer on.  The shirt follows them around like a lost dog on a alley way.  They are going to fight till the death to keep the shirt around.  If it does not smell, you should let it be.

Boyfriends new haircut

For some odd reason, half the time, haircuts when they are first done, look like shit.  The first day and even the first week the hair is still trying to conform to its natural being.  It is sometimes hard to find the perfect barber to go to.  But that one time you try out a new barber, your haircut suddenly looks like your ready for the first day of middle school.  Some sound advice would be to encourage him that it looks good, until it actually returns back to normal.

Their Modded Car

Guys who mod their car probably love their car as much as you. So it would make sense that any criticism taken towards their car, is going to hurt, real hard. Guys who spend countless hours of working on their car, researching parts and trying to make it the best they can have so much devoted into their car that as soon as something is wrongfully said about they they can take it very personally.  It for the most part, is a phase younger guys go into and get out of, so unless he races professionally, its going to be a wait until this phase is over.

Cargo shorts

Cant live with them, can’t live without them.  Im pretty sure every guy has owned at least one pair of these before. They are just so handy to have but are so awful to look at.  Unless you are in need of carrying a million swiss army knives at once, there is no reason for a man to have multiple fanny packs strapped along his legs.  In order to let him move away from this style, you should gift him some nicer shorts for the next holiday! Or maybe it does not even have to be a holiday.

Attempting to grow out a beard

Not everyone can do it, not everyone should do it.  But when a guy gets it in his head that he wants to grow a beard there is no stopping him.  This one usually works itself out.  When the random patches start forming he will soon realize that the beard life is not the life for him.

Still being obsessed with his favorite childhood fantasy

Some guys never grow out of their childhood.  Some are still obsessed with pokemon or Star Wars and when you confront him that you do not want to watch star wars episode IV for the 80th time, shit might go down.