Your Relationship in Gifs


Your relationship in GIFS

This is going to take you through all of the stages of the relationship in GIFS.

The “You see him, but haven’t talked to him”

This is when you are contemplating talking to him but you haven’t yet made the move.  Your relationship with him is essentially all in your head.




The “First contact with him”

This is it, you finally made the move and you are acting like a little girl.  You know you need to step up your game and quick.  It is time to transform yourself into being the woman you want to be.


-The Fall


The Practice

OK, so now that you got rid of that ugly caterpillar face and have morphed into that butterfly, you are STILL not ready.  You need practice, and even more practice.  You imagine in your head what you are going to say to him, how he will react.  You essentially play out every single scenario in your mind until you actually talk to him.


-How I met your mother


The first contact

So now you have finally got yourself in a position to talk to the guy of your dreams.  But something is wrong, something is just awkward, and you finally figure it out! It is not him, its you! You ran through all the scenarios in your mind but you did not think of this one.  You need to make a recovery, and quick.


-New Girl


The Regret

You don messed up. You hate yourself and you feel like its all over.  But as you keep thinking about you find yourself determined to get back on that saddle and wrangle in that guy!


-Megan Fox

The texting back and forth game

You get get a text back from him the next day. All is not lost! He and you and constantly texting back and forth and you are in the little school girl phase again. Overly laughing at everything he says to you, thinking he is Mr. Perfect.  You soon are planning another date, soon, real soon.


The second date

You slipped and reveal your true feelings about him.  Lets just say you drank a little to much wine  and now your true self is revealed. But it’s ok, he’s a little to drunk to and you both are sharing your deepest darkest secrets and having a good time.



-New Girl

The First kiss

You are finally at first base with this guy.  Your life couldn’t get any better than this moment. You feel the warmth of his body, his fingers sliding against your neck and your hooked.  His love has become your drug.


The Official Statement

You have become committed to each other and have now declared yourself boyfriend and girlfriend.  This is love in its earliest stages.  You are picturing yourself with a home on the prairie and a white picket fence.



The first “Fight”

You and your newly fond love get into your first tussle.  But it does not last long. You two are back in each others arms within a few seconds. 200

-The notebook

Your confused

The relationship has gone on for some time now.  You are starting to have your doubts, do you really want this? Is this what I want my life to be like? Is he the right guy for me? You just DONT KNOW. You are very confused, but thats ok, you are just being a girl.





-The Notebook

He pops the question

He finally decides your the one, and asks you to marry him.  This is the moment you have been waiting for.  Your whole body feels numb and you lose consciousness for half a second.  You cover your mouth with both hands, begin to cry and say yes underneath your breath while nodding.



The Big Day

You gather all of your family for the big day! This is the day you dream about since you were a little girl.  Look at yourself now, you have turned from the little into a beautiful bride. This is it. This is the day your old single life is over and your marriage life begins.