Do you need a boyfriend in college?


Do you need a BoyFriend in College?

Do you really need a boyfriend in college? Think about your purpose for going to college. I am not going to try and sway you one way or another, but rather simply present to you the facts, help you weigh out the pros and cons that go along with your situation.

So you are in college, what is your major in college? Lets say for example your at Harvard University and are studying Chemistry. You probably value your education tremendously and have a ton of work all the time. If this is the case, having a boyfriend is only going to add on additional stress, abiding at times, but can also create happiness in your life.

College is a place where some people find their soul mates that they will be with for the rest of their lives, but, most college guys truth be told, are not looking for that.  If you think about your typically frat guy, what comes to mind? Probably some idiot boy who tries to just sleep around with as many girls as he can. This is most likely not the kind of guy you want, this WILL lead to a heart break.  So to sum up this portion, if you have a really hard major in your university and are really dedicated towards getting good grades, you must consider the additional work that goes into a relationship, that can sometimes affect your school work.

But having a boyfriend with a super busy schedule isn’t impossible right? Right, there are plenty of people out there who are able to handle both.  Plus it also has its benefits. If you were to find a guy who is super nerdy like you and maybe even a little smarter (JK!), then you both can benefit from each others knowledge. A super study buddy of sorts with additional benefits, eh?  If you are even the same major, and you get along so well than you can coordinate your classes together so you can have a really good schedule that works well together. This means getting best of both worlds, Seeing each other often AND getting good grades!

So if you are going to college and are not planning on becoming the worlds next biggest scientist are like to have fun on Friday nights, do you need a BoyFriend? So first, lets look at the negative. Having a boyfriend when you are constantly at the party scene can really put a damper if you are trying to hook up with some hot guy.  Being tied down to one guy is tough work! They will always question you when you are seen talking to other guys and you will kind of have to choose between having fun or becoming a virgin saint.

Although, on the flip side, having a guy there for you when you need him is kind of nice to. Think of the other six days of the week when you are going to be in your PJ’s watching Netflix, wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy to snuggle up against and just gather all his warmth? Having a boyfriend can seriously come with a lot of positive things into your life, assuming he is a good guy of course.

Having a boyfriend in college is a tough choice, you may have one for a little bit of time only to find you cannot handle it, and that is ok to. Just understand what your Do are in college and go by those!