10 AWSEOME DIY gifts for boyfriend

DIY Gifts for your Boyfriend!

The best gifts are sometimes the ones that you make. The benefits of making your own gift include the gift being inexpensive and in most cases fun to make all while carrying a lot of sentimental value! Here is a list of some of the best bloggers that make great DIY gifts that are the perfect diy gift for boyfriend!

#1. Learn to make a pair of socks!


Learn the instructions on how you make make a pair a socks over at their website! Purlbee.com


#2. Make him an apron!


An apron will make a great gift if your boyfriend is into cooking! Learn how to make him an apron over at PurlBee.com 

#3. Create him his own unique set of dishes!

Star-Wars-Plates-Our-Nerd-Home-Large Geek-Map-Plates

If your boyfriend is like most guys he probably loves some form of sci-fi culture.  Help him express that love and make him these awesome dishes from over at ournerdhome.com!


#4. Awesome Hankies




Make these awesome hankies, you can learn how to make thm over at Paper&Stitch.

#5. Hand Painted Tie


Get the guide and learn how to hand paint a tie over at momtastic.com!


#6. Make him some DIY Monogrammed Leather Cufflinks



These DIY Leather cufflinks are from almostmakesperfect.com, and will make a great and easy DIY gift for your boyfriend!


#7. A DIY cooler for those times you just want to have a picnic.


This is a really cool idea because whenever he uses it, he will probably be sharing it with you when you are out on your picnic! Learn how to make it over at almostmakesperfect.com 


#8. For the Handy Man in your life, A DIY leather handle for a hammer


if your boyfriend is into building things with his hands, this is sure to make a perfect gift for him! Learn how to make it over at themerrythought.com.



#9. A DIY Paper Deer Bust



This is a really cool idea and looks really awesome! This is perfect to help decorate your boyfriends cool with this really trendy paper deer bust! Get the directions over at ISPYDIY.com


#10. DIY Leather Luggage Tag


This really easy and yet extremely useful leather luggage tag can be learned how to be made over at almostmakesperfect.com.