Gift Ideas for your BoyFriend: Part 2

Gift Ideas for your BoyFriend: Part 2

Here is our second installment of gift ideas for your boyfriend! Here are some unique, really cool ideas that guys will love!



#1. Exotic Pencils

These pencils from Caran d’Ache come in different editions. This particular addition is the forth, it features pencils made out of different types of rare and exotic wood.  You can grab these exotic pencils before they go extinct over at


#2. A Hoverboard



This overboard made by EROVER is extremely cool! At $300, it is kind of pricey but it worth it because it is just so much fun! This is one of those things your boyfriend will be using everyday and for no reason. Click here to check out the EROVER over here.


#3. Power Pack



Everyone now a days has a phone but sometimes their batteries do not last all day. This portable charger is lightweight and can charge your phone to max about 1.5 times with its 10,000 mAh battery.Buy one over here

#4. A laptop Sleeve


A laptop sleeve is essential for anyone with a laptop, it protects it from scratches and any hits that it may receive from being in a backpack. Check this one out from Amazon.



#5. A Drone


Essentially anything that a guy can fly, he will love.  Check out this relatively inexpensive drone over at