Fall gift guide for your BoyFriend!

Fall is just around the corner which means the leaves are going to start turning colors and what people wear is going to change.  This is a quick and fun guide to help you pick out some fall gifts aimed towards your BoyFriend.


Vapor Water Bottle 

This water bottle is unlike any other water bottle.  It is made up of flexible plastic which can bend and easily reduce its volume when not in use.  It is perfect because if the bottle is empty, it will not take that much space up.  Also, when it is full it stands on its own.  It comes in multiple color variants.


Red Wing Boots


Boots are in this season and there is nothing that screams out MAN than a pair of Red Wing Boots.  These are the kind of boots that you buy once and will have for the rest of your life.  They are made in the USA and their quality is unmatched when it comes to making boots.


The new sweater collection for men over at Jcrew is spectacular. They are featuring fresh new designs and color patterns that other brands have yet to mess around with.

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Winter Hats

The basic winter hat is making a comeback this season and for a good reason.  It is simple yet practical and (Most importantly) keeps you warm.  The classic man’s winter hat is the Carhartt winter hat and is most often worn by men who know how brisk the winter winds can be.



School has started up again and there is nothing more essential than a backpack for getting back to school. There are tons of brands to choose from that are out there such as NorthFace, JanSport and Everest. My favorite backpack is the simple,sporty and Rugged HotShot backpack made by NorthFace.


Gloves can make all the difference when you are outside on one of those chilly mornings.  There are many types of gloves that are being made today.  Some are cashmere while others allow you to use your Smartphone while wearing them. My favorite come from Timberland because they are less than $10 and allow you to use your smartphone as well.