A good camera is a wonderful gift
For one, you can share more memories with the person and why not have it in a stunning HD shot?
Whether it is for an amateur photographer or an expert, these ideas are all going to make for great gifts.

The three best picks for cameras


To start off, I would recommended the Nikon Coolpix L330, it is only $170 at the time of writing this post and has received good reviews. It weighs less than a pound (.95lb) and features a maximum focal length of 585mm. The lens is also rated one of the best in its class.


Super Zoom: 

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 is amazing at what it does best, which is to give a optical zoom of 60x.  At the time of this post, it is only $228.  It weighs 1.34lbs and features a shooting speed of 9fps, and also has 16.1MP, which is plenty for the starting photographer.


The Expert:

If it is a good camera you are looking for then you are going to want to get a DSLR camera.  The Canon line up is one of my favorites.  The Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S is a excellent introduction model into the world of photography.   It features 18MP capable of capturing stunning photographs.  It is excellent in low light and has a large, 3 inch LCD display.

The pocket camera (its expensive)

The Sony x100 is one of the best pocket cameras there is out there.  It is currently in its forth generation and everyone who has it loves it.  It is about $1000 but the images it can take are fantastic.  It can also shoot video in 4k.